ACCESS Air Ambulance Medical Crews

AMS employs both Registered Nurses and Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedics (EMT-Ps) in their Critical Care Transport Teams.

The RN/EMT-P team has proven to be an efficient and effective critical care partnership. Each of these respective professions contributes a unique skill set to the team; combined, they form a comprehensive medical unit.

The union of these two professions produces a very efficient and effective team but also helps to improve staffing contingency. Regardless of their original skill sets when first hired, we expect all of our staff to achieve a specific, blended level of competency by the end of their first year

Our standard air medical crew configuration is two providers. There are cases where patient diagnosis and expected clinical course would require only a single medical provider.  When deciding whether a single medical provider is sufficient, the following should be considered:

  • Clinical status of the patient based on the pre-flight assessment obtained
  • Anticipated patient condition deterioration during transport
  • Consideration of safety factors for the patient and AMC (Consult with the MOM)
  • Size of the aircraft and available room to effectively manage the patient
  • Priority of patient based on the pre-flight assessment and the CTAS Guidelines for Classification of Patients.

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