Our Aircraft and Medical Equipment

King Air 250 Stats

Aviation Crew – 1 Captain, 1 First Officer
Medical Crew – 1 or 2 Critical Care Providers
Stretchers – 2 Patient or one patient and one isolette
Cruise Speed– 310 knts – 574 Kph
Max range 3,185 km

All in-service aircraft are configured in such a way that the medical transport personnel can provide patient care consistent with our mission statement and scope of care as defined in part by STHA. Patient care issues are considered when choosing the aircraft. The configuration does not compromise the ability to provide appropriate care or prevent providers from performing emergency procedures if necessary.

Medical transport personnel have access to the patient in order to begin and maintain basic and advanced life support treatment at all times. The aircraft is configured to allow for stabilizing the patient’s airway and childbirth procedures. We are able to transport two patients without sacrificing the level of care or the ability to perform emergency procedures on either on-board patient. The aircraft is configured to conform to all elements of the scope of work as defined by STHA.

For all transports, strict policies address weight limitations, and when bariatric procedures and equipment will be employed. Oxygen is installed according to all relevant regulations. Medical transport personnel can determine how oxygen is functioning by pressure gauges mounted in the patient care area. All IV supplies and fluids are readily available with hangers and hooks available to secure IV solutions in place.

All mandatory equipment is on board the aircraft during any given mission. Our aircraft design and configuration does not compromise patient stability in loading, unloading or in-flight operations