ACCESS Air Ambulance Flight Team

All ACCESS air ambulance flight operations will be conducted in accordance with all applicable Transport Canada regulations and standards. Our CTA license, the terms and conditions of any resulting contract, aircraft procedures and limitations and principles of good airmanship.

The air ambulance services will be operated under the requirements of Transport Canada’s Canadian Aviation Regulations, other Transport Canada regulations and other acts governing air ambulance services.

ACCESS ensures all aircraft dedicated to the STHA agreement hold valid certificates of air worthiness and registration as well as all applicable licenses in accordance with Transport Canada. The aircraft are maintained in accordance with the company’s Maintenance Control Manual, Maintenance Policy Manual,

Manufacturer-approved Maintenance Program in conjunction with the Transport Canada Authorized Maintenance Schedule Approval matrix applicable for every type in the fleet.

It is our ACCESS team’s Standard Operating Procedure for the flight crew to be responsible for the proper storage and securing of all equipment prior to each flight. The flight crew is equally responsible for ensuring that passengers and equipment will not be carried in the aircraft in a manner that blocks normal or emergency exits nor in a manner that may adversely affect safety. Flight crews never allow the patient’s status or condition to influence decisions related to flight safety.

All flight crews conduct CAMTS-compliant handover briefings between shifts to ensure continuity of service when there is a personnel change. These briefings typically include but are not limited to issues related to; aircraft condition, local air traffic and airspace, actual and forecasted weather conditions, dispatch and communications.

Any staff working in or around ACCESS air ambulance aircraft will receive aircraft safety orientation.

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